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Welcome to a place to discover the ancient rituals of Ayurveda adapted to modern life

More than simply an online boutique, AYUSHI is an online community for people who believe  in a holistic health, where body-mind-soul are connected.

Ayurveda, which translates into 'knowledge of life',

is the oldest healthcare system in the world dating back to more than 5000 years ago.


Ayurveda places great emphasis on diet, lifestyle and mindset to remain healthy and happy.

In today's age where chronic diseases, stress related problems and levels of toxicity are so high, Ayurveda has its place more than never before.

AYUSHI will support you in applying Ayurveda in your daily life to detoxify and regnerate yourself.

'The secret of your success is found in your daily routine'

John C. Maxwell

The way you start your day sets the tone of your entire day and potentially your life. 

A consistent routine with the cleansing of the body, mind and spirit brings

a sense of calm, harmony and wellbeing.

Ayushi will guide you through these amazing rituals in simple ways.


Your Ayurvedic kit to 'healthify' your mornings !
Jump start your day with this zero-waste Ayurvedic kit at an amazing value 
(you will save a total of £9.15 including free UK )
It includes a leaflet explaining you the 10 step Ayurvedic morning routine
and instructions on how to use each item. 
This is also a perfect gift idea!

Handcrafted bottles made out of pure copper to detoxify and balance your body & mind


Start your day with copper water which is a millenary Ayurvedic tradition called Ushapan (dawn water). 

Copper is an essential trace element that is vital for all living things and

has an active role in many functions of the body. 

Drinking copper water daily has the ability to balance all 3 doshas -vata, pitta & kapha- in your body. 

If you are struggling to drink water during the day, you will definitely love the fresh & sweet taste of copper water. 


Plain copper bottles

Hammered copper bottles

from £22.90

from £22.90

Designer copper bottles


Beautiful copper tumblers for your family


Enjoy the benefits of copper water at home with these pretty tumblers


Hammered copper tumbler

Plain copper tumbler



We are excited  to provide you 

100% pure and natural products

at such amazing prices and in biodegradable packaging!

Rose petal powder for a beautiful skin and soap nut shells for your hair and

more to come very soon!



Tongue scrapers to improve oral hygiene and overall health.


Tongue scraping is very much underrated, it removes toxins from the mouth

(especially the ones causing bad breath) and improves oral hygiene. 

The best thing is that it only takes about a minute in the morning! 


Copper tongue scraper

Stainless steel tongue scraper



Nasal irrigation for improved breathing experience


Breathing is essential for every living being.

Nasal cleansing through this neti pot will help you free up  the upper respiratory passages


Handmade & eco-friendly wooden combs 


These beautiful combs are made out of 100 % natural neem wood. Neem is a wonder plant recognized for its medicinal properties, especially in controlling hair fall and dandruff. 

Altar collection

Bring positivity with Ganesh and a traditional lamp


​Ganesh is the god of joy, luck and prosperity and will bring the positive energies into your home.

A traditional ghee lamp (called diya) purifies the atmosphere of your home.

These are perfect gift items!